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How do I register?

 By filling in the contact page. You will be contacted by our representative shortly.

Where do the numbers come from?

 The phone database is a composite phone database, built by contributions from many organisations, that is now Australia's premier phone database. These parties include charities, telemarketing companies and other business entities. The system is managed on a monthly load, with regular cleaning and verification of numbers.
The database is licensed from one of the data pooling partners, who enhance it further, and is confirmed to other third party transactional phone databases to qualify currency of the data on a monthly run.

Monthly updates are done.

 How representative is it?

 The phone database compared against the 2006 ABS dwelling population Census data has for 90% of postcodes a least one phone number for every 2 dwellings. Over 95% have a least one number for every 3 dwellings.
 This provides a base count to which coverage can be measured (note in some cases our phone records count exceeds the Census data in areas of high recent dwelling growth). Please contact us for a spreadsheet showing the representation.

 Are there restrictions on what we can do with the numbers?

 Yes. They can only be used for market research, not direct marketing or telemarketing. The numbers can only be used once, and must be used within a month of download (so only take as much sample as you immediately need). They are for each clients internal use only, and must not be shared, or compiled into a product of any sort.

Are there any business numbers?

 It is possible there may be a few - credits will be given for any dead, business, or fax numbers

I called a silent number - how can that be?

 The source of the numbers is not the IPND, which is the only database that silent numbers are found. The entries in this database come from other sources, where people have opted in - there may well be a few cases where someone has a silent IPND line, but has volunteered their details for one of the data sources of this database. Numbers that object to being in this directory can be removed.

How often is it updated?

 It is refreshed monthly, with tens of thousands of numbers added and deleted. A variety of mechanisms are used to validate numbers.