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We take privacy seriously. We dont like spam, and we dont like telemarketers either. The numbers we provide to our clients are solely for 'Market Research', which is completely different to 'Telemarketing' or 'Direct Marketing'. 

Researchers are not trying to sell you anything. Researchers are asking you your opinion, so your voice can be heard, and influence the actions of Government, businesses, charities, and all other organisations that want to know what the population thinks, and what services you need.

Given the social importance of research, 'Market Research' is exempt from the Do Not Call Register, so even if you have listed your number on that register, researchers, charities, and political parties are not required to check numbers against that list before calling anyone.

We require our clients to use numbers only for research purposes.

Some numbers we supply to clients are randomly generated, and are not sourced from any directory.

We dont supply any name or address details - only phone numbers and geographic area. If you are phoned, it is important for you to know it is not a specific call to YOU - the caller doesnt know your name or address - from their perspective each number is a randomly selected representative of a survey sample in a broad geographic area.

If you have been rung by a company and you feel it is not research, we would like to hear from you, as that is a breach of our conditions of supply.

If you wish to have your number excluded by us, we will permanently exclude it from our lists - just let us know . If you have any other concerns please feel free to contact us.