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The Service

How does it all work?

1. Establish an account with us

Potential users need to establish an account with us. Account establishment fee is $500 for annual membership. We will only supply organisations involved in Market Research or polling. If you do work that is exempt from the provisions of the 'Do Not Call Register Act 2006', you will qualify for provision of sample. Current financial members of AMSRO will have membership fees waived.

2. Purchase a volume of sample

Users will need to pre-purchase a volume of sample (either electronic funds transfer, or payment by credit card is acceptable). Discounted rates apply for larger volumes (see fee schedule). The purchased amount can be gradually drawn down as required (eg purchase 500000 numbers, then gradually use them as needed over the next year. Standard sample will be downloadable from this website. Custom sample will be emailed to you within 24 hours of request. The sample definition does not need to be done at the time of purchase.

3. Download Sample

Standard samples are provided on the basis of Postcode or Suburb. Custom samples attract an extra fee, based on the complexity of the required sample - please discuss your current and future needs with us, so we can help you minimise your sample costs. Custom samples require an emailed request with details of the sample specification. The details and cost will be confirmed, and the sample supplied to you by email within 24 hours (usually same day).

Data Format

Data is supplied as a csv file, with suburb, postcode, phone number as the fields. Custom sample will include fields requested. Sample will never include full addresses - the smallest unit of aggregation will be CCD, to ensure individual households cannot be identified. In samples based on geocoding of addresses, the size of sample must be of a minimum size for the same reason.


We can apply bias to samples by using CDATA figures for dwellings at CCD level, to allow for variations in phone number volumes, and can provide age ranges based on CDATA as well.

Samples can be generated on a demographic as opposed to geographic basis using CDATA info to generate CCD lists of target areas.

 Washing of numbers against the DoNotCall register can be done, at the rates specified on the DNC site (although numbers provided are strictly for research purposes, which is an exempt activity for the purposes of the 'Do Not Call' register, some users may want to wash samples as a courtesy or for specific research needs).

 We can add a random sample generation element into the numbers, to allow for capture of numbers not listed in our data source, should users wish - this can be configured to client needs.

Custom sample is available to any conceivable geographic boundary:
 •All common ABS boundaries
•Political boundaries (Federal, State, Local)
•Custom geographic boundaries defined to user specifications (based on geocoded addresses)

 Other Services

We can provide assistance in designing sample - feel free to discuss your research project needs with us. We may be able to reduce your internal preparation or analysis costs.

We can set up regular automated sample to specific client design for ongoing periodic research projects.

We can provide tables of sample volume per postcode, to indicate the representation of the data source.

There may be a small number of disconnected numbers (we anticipate no more than 1-2%) - we offer a credit on dead, business and fax numbers that are returned to us.